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Teaching Assistant


I have been passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion since my undergraduate college days. Recently as a Teaching Assistant, I was extremely fortunate to have worked with Dr. Michael Cooper, who is a leading advocate on the subject of DEI. My experience working with him gave me a strong sense of purpose in this area.

As a Teaching Assistant, I was proud to have offered my expertise and services helping students from diverse backgrounds with their finance homework and test preparation. I believe that providing equal opportunity and access to education is our responsibility, and I'm committed to making sure that everyone has the same chance to succeed.

Precinct Committeeperson

As a precinct committeeperson, I recognize the importance of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within my community. One of the ways I fight for these initiatives is by advocating for policies and programs that eliminate discrimination and promote diversity in my local area. This involves supporting initiatives that aim to increase the representation of underrepresented groups in positions of power, such as leadership roles within local government or in community organizations.

I also believe that creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is key to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. To achieve this, I work with community groups and organizers to promote awareness and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds. This involves organizing community events, promoting diversity training programs, and collaborating with local organizations to ensure their voices are heard.

Furthermore, I believe that education is a powerful tool for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a precinct committeeperson, I work with local schools and universities to promote diversity education programs, create awareness of issues surrounding equity and inclusion, and work to create a more welcoming environment for all students.

Overall, I am committed to fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in my community. I believe that through collaboration, advocacy, and education, we can create a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

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